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Combining great capacity and aesthetics, the new Captiva redefines SUV with its superior infotainment system that boasts the new generation Chevrolet MyLinkTM. And with the addition of many new and innovative safety features, Captiva will get you to wherever you want to go and anywhere you need to be.


Sporty and elegant, the redesigned dual front grille of the all-new Captiva is distinctive, with a premium chrome finish that further complements the SUV’s frame adding an air of superior performance and style.

Illuminate Every Drive

  • The redesigned headlamp adds a sophisticated touch to Captiva’s exterior.


Sleek lines converge beautifully on the redesigned front fascia with lighting features that makes every drive safer in an SUV that is stylishly on-point. The eye-catching LED head and tail lamps accentuate Captiva’s bold lines as they illuminate your path. The projection fog lamps add to the already refined look of Captiva.

LED Side View Mirror

Be more visible to others with the LED lamps mounted on your side view mirror.

Projection Fog Lamp

The projection fog lamps adds an extra measure of safety ensuring optimal visiblity during poor weather conditions.

LED Tail Lamp

The LED lamp adds a pronounced touch of sophistication to the tail lamp design.


Whether it’s your favorite people or things, the new Captiva gives you space to pack more of what you love. With three spacious rows for 5+2 adult seating, you can always adjust according to the needs of your varying itineraries. The 60/40 split folding rear seats are also great for additional cargo.


Telescopic Multi-Function Steering Wheel

The telescopic multi-function steering wheel is made for cruising comfort - and allows for great adjustability and optimum positioning, for a more natural handling of your Captiva. The new 3-spoke design adds a sporty finish to the interior while the wheel-mounted controls are now illuminated to give you a clearer view of the controls in low-light conditions.

LCD Cluster Panel

LCD Cluster Panel displays car and engine information to give you a full overview of the vehicle conditions while in the comfort of your Captiva.


  • Chevrolet MyLink

    Imagine having everything you need all in one place. The Chevrolet Captiva introduces the new Chevrolet MyLinkTM, our exclusive infotainment system which allows you to stream your favorite songs, get directions and access your contacts simply by connecting your smartphone via USB or Bluetooth®. You can even access compatible apps on your phone, making every ride in your Captiva even more enjoyable.


Climate Control System

The Climate Control System gives the driver and front passenger control over their individual air conditioning for personalized comfort.

Cruise Control

Enjoy long drives with the Cruise Control system that comes standard in Captiva. Set and maintain or regulate your speed with the help of conveniently located dials on the steering wheel.

Air Ionizer

The HVAC Air Ionizer purifies air within the vehicle by significantly reducing bacteria and odor. So you can enjoy fresher and cleaner air, whether you’re driving through the city streets or heading out of town.


The Captiva offers a choice of either a 2.4L 169HP V6 or 3.0L 264HP V6 engines that give you a powerful yet quiet drive – while ensuring excellent fuel efficiency.

The Captiva offers up a 6 Speed automatic transmission, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of continuous power without switching gears as you speed up or slow down.

Go from cruising in the city to trekking through trying terrains as you switch from 2WD to 4WD automatically.


The strength of the new Captiva doesn’t just lie in its stylish exterior and amazing horsepower. Captiva’s comprehensive and innovative safety features are designed to let you feel confident on every journey. With an array of safety technology such as Hill Descent Control, Side Blind Zone Alert and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system, Captiva consistently scores a commendable 5-star standard for safety tests including the Euro NCAP crash tests.

The Perfect Balance

The Self Levelizer works to evenly distribute the weight across the vehicle and is activated automatically when a heavy load
is detected resulting in improved handling and safety.

Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist

Hill Descent Control allows the engine and brakes to work together for a more controlled descent down a slope. Hill Start Assist works to stop the vehicle from rolling backwards when moving up a gradient, making sure you never have to worry about hitting anything behind you.

  • Front and Rear Parking Sensor The Front Parking Sensor and Rear Parking Sensor work together to alert you of any obstacles, helping you park your Captiva safely and easily with ease.

  • Rear Vision Camera Enjoy the convenience of having eyes in the back of your head thanks to the Rear Vision Camera that helps you see stationary objects behind you while reversing at low speeds.

  • Traction Control System Traction Control System helps to quickly regain control of traction on the road.

  • 6 Airbags Captiva features six airbags including the front, side and curtain to protect the driver, front and rear passengers in the event of a collision.

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert Using the radar sensors of Side Blind Zone Alert, it warns the driver of vehicles in traffic when reversing out of a parking spot – including angled parking. Visual and audible alerts are triggered if moving vehicles are detected.

  • Side Blind Zone Alert LED-lit symbols in the corresponding exterior mirrors alert you when another vehicle is in one of your blind zones.

  • Electronic Stability Control Electronic Stability Control applies brake pressure to the wheels and limit engine power when necessary, preventing your vehicle from going out of control.

  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution The Electronic Brake Force Distribution applies the right amount of braking to each wheel to maintain vehicle control while braking.

Side Blind Zone Alert

Sensors help warn you when a vehicle enters your blind spot on either side, thanks to the innovative side Blind Zone Alert.

Front & Rear Park Assist

Front and Rear Park Assist senses and warns of objects both in the front and rear of your car. The feature uses multiple front and rear sensors in the bumper, which detect objects below the speed of 5km.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear cross traffic alert warns you if a vehicle is approaching your rear when you are backing up. These hidden sensors identify cross traffic when when your in reverse.

  • 1 Fuel Efficiency Fuel Consumption may vary based on trim level